Please Choose preferred location below. 

Baltimore MD: 114 E. 25th Street Baltimore 21218. STE 1B

Catonsville, MD : 516 North Rolling Road, Catonsville Md 21228

Please note that Noni Wellness Studio is Based in Baltimore Maryland. But we are available in Catonsville Maryland by appointment. Therefore, if you are interested in the Catonsville location, please email us with the date and time you prefer.

Once we receive your email and confirm availability,  we will send a invoice for a deposit of $20 to hold your appointment. Your deposit will go towards your appointment balance and if you cancel less than 12 hours in advance, your deposit will go towards said appointment cancellation. 

For the Baltimore city location we are also available by appointment but we have a online booking system where you can easily  book your appointment with us 24/7. There is no deposit required but there is a cancellation fee for late cancellations and No call/ No shows.  

If you have any questions please email us at : wellness12studio@gmail.com or call/text 410-908-7728

Thank you

114 East. 25th Street Baltimore Md, 21218

Noni Wellness Studio.